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India is a traveller’s paradise. With diverse climates across all four directions, each city in India has its own unique atmosphere and culture. From the arid deserts of Rajasthan to the verdant greenery of Assam, from the majestic white-capped Himalayas to the mesmerizingly blue waters of Andaman and Nicobar, India has something for everyone.

The abundance of tourist attractions naturally leads to a proliferation of hotels across the country. Choosing the appropriate hotel from amongst these can be rather daunting, as it is necessary to see all the pros and cons of the same before any decision can be made. There are various types of hotels PAN India, which each have their unique selling points.

To identify the type of hotel that best suits your requirements, one can narrow down the list of amenities and functionalities that are expected from the hotel and then decide one accordingly. Here we have a list of various types of hotels across India, with their individualistic features.

Types of hotels in India

  • Luxury Hotels – the Complete Travel Experience

    Luxury hotels are at the top of the hotel chain and include four- and five-star hotels that are decked out with all the amenities you could require. These are ideal from the point of view of corporate as well as family stays and can successfully cater to the requirements of both. They include conference halls, business rooms, and executive lounges for the use of businessmen, while families can avail of the facilities like the swimming pools, spas, fitness centers and many more. Consequently, these hotels are in the upper price bracket, but the sheer number of functionalities offered makes the cost seem reasonable.

  • B&B

    Bed and breakfasts are a huge concept in the western world. In India however, these translate to medium-scale hotels that are outfitted with the basic requirements of the executives, but do not possess conveniences like conference rooms, or banquet halls. B&B’s are useful from if the executive has to travel to the office and only needs a place for the night.
    The advantage of B&Bs is that they are generally located in city centres and are well connected by buses and trains to every part of the city, which makes local travel very convenient.

  • Small Hotels

    Small hotels are specialized entities that cater to a certain niche of the market. Built with a specific clientele in mind, these hotels offer limited facilities and are useful for a limited stay duration.

  • Corporate Guest Houses

    Guest houses dedicated to corporate executives is still an up and coming idea in India. These hotels cater exclusively to corporate needs and are hence one of the best options for businessmen. There are various travel solution providers in India who are affiliated with such guest houses that literally house everything one could need for the workday. This includes a fitness centre, conference rooms, corporate event arenas, a computer room for internet access apart from Wi-Fi, banquet halls to host corporate dinners, and so on. The concept is becoming extremely popular as these guest houses are located close to business hubs and are also well-connected to airports, and other travel centres.

Considering the numerous types of hotels available, managing accommodation for corporate trips can be a bit of a hassle for industries by themselves. These trips require exhaustive planning and management and it is not possible for every company to withdraw its attention from the core activities and focus on travel management.

The advantages of using a professional travel service provider are:

  • Instant access to top-of-the-range hotels can be obtained due to integrated affiliations of these service providers with the leading hotels of the country.

  • End to end travel solution providers use their expertise in the field to plan and manage a smooth, hassle-free trip within the desired travel expenditure allotted.

  • A comprehensive bookings and reservations management system ensures that stays can be booked on even a short notice.

  • An all-in-one travel solution provider takes care of the documentation and the flight bookings as well, thus managing all aspects of travel and accommodation.

There are several travel service providers in India who handle comprehensive listings with ease and finesse. The sheer number of hotels across India necessitates the use of these travel planners for managing a trip successfully.

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