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Managing international travel and accommodation is a Herculean task, on account of the inherent premise that the actual locations cannot be checked out prior to actually going there. The internet is full of high-resolution, sleek images which lead you to believe that you are seeing the best hotel in the world. Naturally, these images can be trusted on so far and you need to sift through a lot of information to gain a true insight into the actual services offered by the hotel.

In view of the difficulty of choosing a great hotel due to the multitudinous choices available, here is a checklist of the things you can analyse to see if the hotel is perfect for you.

The Requirements of a Good International Hotel:

  • Prioritizing proximity requirements

    The first step while planning your international accommodation for a business trip is checking the hotel’s proximity to key locales. Selecting the hotel depends on how frequently and by which mode of transport will you be travelling for the duration of your trip, whether your stay is for just a couple of days or for a week or longer, and so on. Once these priorities are clear, you can decide in which locality you need to find the hotel, whether in the heart of the city for convenience for local travel or close to the airport in case you have a short window to catch your next flight!

  • Identifying must-have amenities

    The second step is prioritizing the amenities you require at the hotel. These can be categorized into must-have, would like to have, and do not need. For instance, on a business trip, one of the must-haves is complete Wi-Fi connectivity with high-speed internet, in case you need to make conference calls or work from the hotel. However, the corporate executive might not necessarily need a jacuzzi and a spa in the same hotel! In such cases, deciding the must-have amenities gives you a bracket to narrow down hotels and select one accordingly.

  • Reviewing Hygiene

    Above everything else, one expects the accommodation to be clean and well-maintained. This is however a little difficult to determine, from the air-brushed photos uploaded on the hotel websites. The travellers’ actual photos are a different story though. These can present a clearer and better idea of the amenities provided by the hotel and the true state of the rooms, as compared to the advertisements on the hotel page.

With these filters in place, one can easily narrow down upon the hotel that is best suited for them as per their individual necessities. There are several types of hotels across the globe that cater to different aspects of travel accommodation; some are great as business centres, while yet others have family oriented activities. Here is a list of some of the hotels that can be availed as corporate residences.

Hotels Across the Globe for Corporate Stays:

  • Luxury

    Luxury hotels is the first choice for a corporate stay, provided they fit within the desired price bracket. Managing luxury hotel room bookings has to be well in advance, which often require companies to have standing contracts with a few, specific hotels for easy bookings. However, this is not always possible for every corporate company, which is where a professional corporate travel planner comes in handy. Luxury hotels provide the best in class amenities and often have flexible plans for frequent travellers.

  • Vacation rentals/Apartments

    Vacation rentals are a relatively new concept that has become wildly popular in recent times. Slightly different from the bed and breakfast idea, here, the local residents themselves rent out rooms in their houses or individual apartments that are equipped with all the basic amenities necessary. Although these might not be the principal choice for corporate stays, they are still a good option for executives who want to soak in the local experiences while off work!

  • Bed & Breakfast

    Bed and breakfast inns, more popularly known as B&B’s, are a hospitality centric accommodation that helps travellers enjoy homey comforts while on a trip, for business or pleasure.

  • Corporate Business Centres/ Guest Houses

    Corporate guest houses are by far the best choice for corporate executives on a business trip. Strategically located and equipped with all the necessities for work, like a separate conference hall, computer rooms, strong internet access, and more, these successfully cater to every existing and projected requirement of businessmen and have flexible options thatfit well within the travel expenditure allotted by the company.

Choosing an international hotel can be a breeze with the right travel service provider. The professional approach towards selecting a hotel and managing bookings makes the entire experience smooth and pleasant!

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